The Wizard Cubic LCP Kit


  • Manufactured by Rigaku Reagents

Key Features

  • Tools for setting up an LCP experiment
  • Includes the Wizard Cubic LCP Screen


The tools in the Wizard Cubic LCP (lipidic cubic phase) Kit enable researchers to prepare LCP-type crystallizations by hand. Ideal for low-protein experiments: effective protein volume for a single crystallization experiment is about 80 nanoliters. Wizard Cubic LCP Kit tools work especially well when traditional methods have failed to yield crystals. Lipidic cubic phase has worked well for the crystallization of 7TM membrane proteins (proteins with seven transmembrane helices). Four out of six GPCRs (G-protein coupled receptors), an important membrane protein class, and several microbial 7TM proteins have been crystallized using the LCP approach.

The Wizard: Cubic LCP Kit™ kit contains all tools, formulations, and lipid to prepare micro-crystallization experiments according to the LCP micro method. To use this kit, the biological macromolecule sample, typically a membrane protein, is first incorporated into a lipidic material (LCP) and then this resulting LCP material can be dispensed in portions of approximately 200 nanoliters. The LCP forms spontaneously and acts as a matrix supporting the crystallization of soluble and membrane proteins.

Cubic LCP Kit includes:

• Two 250 µL syringes with a Mixer Union for the preparation of LCP
• One ratchet dispenser with 10 µL syringe and short needle to dispense the LCP
• One 10 µL Microsyringe Pipette
• 100 mg Monoolein
• Ten micro trays
• CubicTM Screen formulation matrix block
• Spatula and tape


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