Wizard Cryo Crystallisation Screen Series


  • Available in 10 ml and 1.7 ml 96 deep-well block formats
  • Manufactured by Rigaku Reagents

Key Features

  • Cryoprotected crystallisation conditions
  • Sparse Matrix screening


The Wizard Cryo™ line of random sparse matrix screens is designed for scientists who want to avoid the additional step of optimizing a cryoprotectant condition. Every Wizard Cryo formulation flash-freezes to a clear, amorphous glass in liquid nitrogen or in a cryo-stream at 100K. Crystals can be frozen directly from their growth drops, avoiding the additional step of pre-equilibration with an artificial cryo-condition that can damage the crystal. Eleven different cryo-precipitant and sparing use of glycerol ensures a broad sampling of possible cryo conditions. Choose from Wizard Cryo 1 or 2 formulations in tubes or Wizard Cryo 1 and 2 together in a 96-well matrix block.

96-Well Block Plate formulations are 1.7 ml each in a 96 deep-well matrix block plate.  Tube sets are 10 ml volumes per tube. All formulations are prepared with ASTM type-1 water and high-purity chemicals, 0.2 µm filtered in sterile packaging.


Links to Instruction, Formulation and MSDS Sheets

Wizard Cryo Screen_Instruction_Sheet

CRYO1_Rigaku_Technical Sheet

CRYO2_Rigaku_Technical Sheet

CRYO12block_rigaku_Technical Sheet



Order Information

Item: Wizard: Cryo 1 Screen, 48 conditions, 10ml per tube.

Item: Wizard: Cryo 2 Screen, 48 conditions, 10ml per tube.

Item: Wizard: Cryo 1 and 2 Screen, 96 conditions, 10 ml per tube.Item: Wizard: Cryo 2 Screen, 48 conditions, 10ml per tube. 

Item: Wizard: Cryo 1&2 Screen, 96 conditions, 1.7 ml per well.

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