The Wizard Cubic LCP Screen


  • Available 1.7 ml 96 deep-well block formats
  • Manufactured by Rigaku Reagents

Key Features

  • Conditions compatible with Lipidic Cubic Phases
  • Sparse Matrix Screen


The Wizard Cubic™ LCP Screen random sparse matrix is designed for the crystallization of biological macromolecules that are embedded within a lipidic cubic phase (LCP) host matrix. Every formulation in this 96-well plate is compatible with monoolein-based lipidic cubic phases.

96 formulations, 1.7 mL volumes in a 96 well block plate.

96-Well Block Plate formulations are 1.0 ml each in a 96 deep-well matrix block plate sealed with a sterile reusable mat. All formulations are prepared with ASTM type-1 water and high-purity chemicals, 0.2 µm filtered in sterile packaging.


Link to Instruction, Formulation and MSDS Sheets


CUBICB_Rigaku15_Technical Sheet



Order Information

Item: Wizard: Cubic Screen, 96 formulations, 1.7 ml per well.