Wizard PEG Ion Crystallisation Screen Series


  • Available in 1.7 ml 96 deep-well block formats
  • Manufactured by Rigaku Reagents

Key Features

  • Combines PEGS with Salts
  • Classic screen for crystallisation


The PEG Ion series matrix combines the crystallizing power of polyethylene glycols (PEGs) with salts that are commonly found in crystallization conditions. Use PEG Ion during the coarse screening phase of biological macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, peptides, and combinations thereof).

96-Well Block Plate formulations are 1.7 ml each in a 96 deep-well matrix block plate. All formulations are prepared with ASTM type-1 water and high-purity chemicals, 0.2 µm filtered in sterile packaging.


Links to Instruction, Formulation and MSDS Sheets

wpegion14_rigaku_Technical Sheet

wpegion810_rigaku_Technical Sheet



Order Information

Item: Wizard: PEG Ion 48-Salt Screen with PEG 1K & 4K, 96 conditions, 1.7 ml per well. 
Code: SCREEN-PEG48S-1K-4K-1.7ML

Item: Wizard: PEG Ion 48-Salt Screen with PEG 8K & 10K, 96 conditions, 1.7 ml per well. 
Code: SCREEN-PEG48S-8K-10K-1.7ML