Wizard Precipitant Synergy Crystallisation Screen


  • Available in 10 ml and 1.7 ml 96 deep-well block formats
  • Manufactured by Rigaku Reagents

Key Features

  • 192 Conditions
  • Explores the synergistic effects of distinct precipitating agents


Discover more protein crystallization hits with this unique screen by employing synergistic effects of mechanistically distinct precipitating agents (salts, organic solvents, polyethylene glycols, additives, pH). The Wizard Precipitant Synergy crystallization consists of 192 formulations, to be used for initial protein crystallization screening and crystallization optimization. The application of this screen is advised in particular for protein targets that have failed to yield hits with traditional random sparse matrix crystallization approaches.

Publication: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0969212603001850


Links to Instruction, Formulation and MSDS Sheets


wpsb_rigaku_Block1_Technical Sheet

wpsb_rigaku_Block2_Technical Sheet

wps_rigaku_10 ml_ Technical Sheet



Order Information

Item: Wizard: Precipitant Synergy Screen, 192 conditions, 1.7 ml per well. 

Item: Wizard: Precipitant Synergy Screen, 192 conditions, 10 ml per tube. 

Contact: sales@swissci.com