Universal V1 Pucks and Tools



The Universal V1-Puck (Unipuck) has become one of the most widely used sample storage and shipping containers at synchrotrons around the world.  SWISSCI in collaboration with Rigaku now offer the Unipuck and all necessary tools to the market.  SWISSMX-CM supports are compatible with the Unipuck system.


Product Details and Codes

  • Unipuck Kit Product Code: PUCKV1-UPKIT –  Includes the Unipuck Tool Kit and Unipuck and Rack Kit
  • Unipuck and Rack Kit Product Code: PUCKV1-UPRACKKIT – Includes 7 Unipucks and  Shelved Puck Shipping Cane with locking rod.
  • Unipuck Tool Kit Product Code: PUCKV1-TOOLKIT – Includes Base Removal Platform, Puck Wand, Porcupine Push Tool, Base Remover, Unipuck Rack Tools, Angled Puck Tongs*
  • Unipuck Pack of 7 Product Code: PUCKV1-UPPACK7
  • Universal V1 Puck Product Code: PUCKV1-UPSINGLE –Single Unipuck
  • Cryo Puck Carrier/ Shelved Puck Shipping Cane Product code: PUCKV1-CARRIER

*Individual tools are available on request

Custom Unipuck colours, serial numbers and 2D barcodes/Data matrix are available on request.

Contact: sales@swissci.com