SWISSCI Labware products provide a full range of high-quality multi-use plates for a variety of applications such as sample storage, DNA extraction, combinational chemistry and screen manufacture.

Deep Well Plate

96 Deep Well Plate

This Microplate offers unique properties that make it very suitable for sample storage for up to 2 ml.

384 Well PCR Plate

384 PCR Plate

The 384 PCR Plate is ideal for volumes up to 40μl and is designed with raised rims to ensure secure and easy sealing. 

96 Well Microtiter Plate

96 Well Microtiter Plate

The 96 Well Microtiter Plate is ideal for micro-volume applications up to 345μl. It is made from a special polymer formulation that gives high optical transparency.

Microtiter Lids

Microtiter Lid

The Microtiter Lids are specially designed for easy sealing and handling are compatible with SBS Plates for safe and long-term storage.