The SWISSCI Dialysis Range comprises 3.2µl, 0.5ml and 20ml capacity Dialysers.

3.2μl Capacity Dialyser

The disposable Diaplate™ is a 96-well microplate ideal for the desalting of protein from very small volumes up to 3.2μl.


0.5ml Capacity Dialyser

Diacon is an easy to use dialyser, ideal for gentle and efficient desalting of protein from small yield solutions of up to 0.5ml.

20ml Capacity Dialyser

SWISSCI provides ‘easy to use’ dialysis solutions for users who need large samples up to 20ml capacity


Ultrafiltration is the separation process of macromolecular species and solvents based on their size.


Cerocon Ultrafiltration devices combine fast sample processing with high Recovery. Cerocon comes ready to use in a 2ml micro-centrifuge tube with a self-lock lid. The device has a concentration fixed dead-stop of 10 μl.