Diatube™ 20ml Capacity Dialyser


  • Regenerated cellulose membrane
  • 20 ml capacity
  • 10 kDa MW cut off


Key Features

  • All-in-one device
  • Ready to use
  • Rapid dialysis


The Diatube™ is an intuitive all-in-one device for dialysis of up to 20mls of the sample solution. The Diatube™ requires no preparation; it is ready to use and is ideal for large sample dialysis. The membrane is made from regenerated cellulose and is specially glued to the device to form a leak-free seal; no knotting, folding or closures required. The SWISSCI Diatube™ has an MWCO of 10kDa.

Product Specifications

• Ready to use, just add sample
• Ideal for small sample volumes up to 20ml
• No cross-contamination or leakage
• Regenerated cellulose membrane; sulfur and heavy metal-free
• Molecular weight cut off of 10,000 Daltons
• Excellent sample recovery without disturbing valuable protein complexes
• Large surface area for rapid dialysis
• Gentle and efficient desalting
• Caps to prevent spillage/evaporation
• Floating tube rack provided holds up to 18 Diacon at any one time
• Single-use – disposable device; no cleaning required


Order Information

Item: Diatube 20ml Dialyser
(Other MWCOs available upon request)
Code: W92010
Details: Pack of 20 
Contact: sales@swissci.com