96 Deep Well Plate

96 Deep Well Plate Facts 

  • ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
  • 96 wells
  • Superior Polymer
  • Non Sterilised

Key Features

• Easy Sealing
• Multiple Uses
• Wide range of volumes
• Specialty well design


The SWISSCI 96 Deep Well Plate is an ideal SBS format product in a 96-position format. The Microplate offers unique properties that make it very suitable for sample storage, collection, combinational chemistry and screen manufacture.
A superior virgin polypropylene polymer is used in the injection moulding process ensuring minimal distortion. Well design is optimised for ease of use.

Product Specifications

Easy Sealing 
No central bending occurs in this very robust structure. Excellent long term storage - no sample evaporation.
Well Design
The wells are designed to prevent sample loss and reduce the residual volume as well as prevent any cross contamination.
Multiple Uses 
The Deep Well Plate can be used for Sample Collection, Storage, Combinational Chemistry, Sample Re-Suspension, Cell Culture and Assay Set-Up.
Compatible with Automated Systems
The plate is ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard so is fully compatible with all auto-mated systems for easy use.
High Chemical Resistance
The Deep Well Plate is resistant to most chemical solvents and alcohols used in the Bio-Chemistry Laboratory.
Wide Range of Volumes 
Typical volumes for these plate are up to 2 ml thus providing the user with a wide range of possibilities.

Order Information

Item: 96 Deep Well Plate 
Codes: PP96-DDWP
Details: Box of 30
Barcoding available on request
Contact: sales@swissci.com