384 PCR Plate

384 PCR Plate Facts 

• ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
• 384 experiments
• Volume up to 40μl
• Non Sterilised

Key Features

• Easy Sealing
• Multiple Uses
• Wide range of volumes
• Speciality well design


The SWISSCI 384 Well PCR Plate is ideal for volumes up to 40μl. It is specially designed with raised rims to ensure secure and easy sealing, reducing evaporation and contamination as well as increasing well volume. The 384 wells have thin walls to maximize thermal exchange for optimal performance. The plates are made in a specialty clear polypropylene which is highly inert thus does not interfere with your 384 PCR experiments and has optimal heat resistance. The SWISSCI 384 Well PCR Plate is suitable for all PCR applications.

Product Specifications

Raised Wells
Each 384 well is raised allowing for easy sealing to reduce evaporation and stop contamination. Raised wells also allows for increased well volume.
Thin Well Walls
Uniform thin well walls to maximise heat transfer giving optimal plate performance and short cycle times.
Specialty Polymer
Clear Polypropylene which has a high chemical resistance to stop interference with your 384 experiments and allows for optimal heat resistance.
Compatible with Automated Systems
The plate is ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard so is fully compatible with all auto-mated systems for easy use.

Order Information

Item:384 Well PCR Plate
Codes: PP384-PCR
Details: Box of 100
Barcoding available on request
Contact: sales@swissci.com