Hanging Drop Plug Plate

Hanging Drop Plate Facts

  • ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
  • 96 wells
  • UV Transmissible Polymer

Key Features

  • Allen key system
  • Novel hanging drop system
  • Optimised for crystal viewing


The SWISSCI Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plug Plate is a novel system for protein crystallisation in a 96-well format. Individual wells can be identified, removed, and harvested using the supplied Allen key, eliminating the need for a scalpel and tape. The plate has been developed by SWISSCI together with leading Crystallographers. It is the result of many years of experience in successful robotic high-throughput crystallisation. The Plate offers unique properties that make it ideal for both nanolitre crystallisation screening and microliter optimisation alike. Made from optically superior polymer (UVP) and with a new design of the wells, the plate allows easy crystal viewing and retrieval.

Product Specifications

Easy Crystal Retrieval
Raised wide wells make the crystal mounting especially easy.
Allen key system allows for smooth removal and harvesting of crystals.

Easy Viewing
The wells can be easily viewed using a light microscope or imaging system.
The optically superior polymer is UV transmissible.

Integrated Sealing
Wide partition walls between each well provide a high surface area for very good sealing with the advanced quality sealing tape.
The sealing tape is integrated into the kit so there is no need to purchase additional parts prior to starting a procedure.

Wide range of volumes
Typical volumes are 50-200 μl of reservoir and 50nl-5μl drop size.

Order Information

Item: Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plug Plate
Codes: HDP96T-UVP
Details: Box of 10 
Contact: sales@swissci.com