Microtiter Lids

Microtiter Lids Facts 

• ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
• Non Sterilised
• Easily Stackable

Key Features

Quick and Easy Sealing
• Compatible with SBS plates
• 96 Condensation rings (MTP-LID96R)


These Microtiter Lids are specially designed for easy sealing and handling are compatible with SBS Plates. They are made from a specialty rigid polymer for safe and long term storage. We have two options available to suit your experimental needs:
• MTP-LID96R - 96 condensation rings to reduce evaporation and has rounded corners on A1 + H1.
• MTP-LIDCC - Cut corners on A1 + H1.

Product Specifications

Rigid Lid
Made from a specialist polymer that is rigid to ensure protection of your experiments, reduce evaporation and increase storage shelf life.
Easy Sealing
These Lids offer protection against contamination and provide minimal evaporation during sample storage and cell cultivation.
SBS Compatible
These Lids are ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard so are fully compatible with all SBS plates with rounded or cut corners on A1 + H1.
MTP-LID96R Features:
Condensation Rings
96 individual condensation rings for easy sealing for each individual experiment to reduce evaporation and contamination.
Rounded Corners
A1+ H1 rounded corners which make it the perfect fit for the 96 Well Micro-titer Plate (Product Code: MTP96-PS).
Frosted Surface
Frosted surface preventing errors from external light
MTP-LIDCC Features:
Cut Corners
A1 + H1 cut corners making it compatible with all SBS Plates including all of our Crystallisation Plate Range and Assay Plates.

Order Information

Item: 96 Microtiter Lid with Condensation Rings 
Codes: MTP-LID96R

Item: 96 Microtiter Lid with Cut Corners
Details: Box of 100
Barcoding available on request
Contact: sales@swissci.com