MRC Maxi 48 Well Plates

Facts about the MRC Maxi 48

  • MRC Maxi – ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
  • 48 wells
  • Available in 3 polymers

Key Features

  • Optically perfect wells
  • Micro-numbering
  • Designed for high volume optimization experiments


The MRC Maxi optimization plate is a new design for macromolecular crystallization presented in a 48 well format. Offering easy to automate crystallization optimization with large sitting-drops. MRC Maxi is intended for large drops and is compatible both with standard robotic systems as well as manual pipetting. The plate was developed at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK) in collaboration with Jan Löwe and Fabrice Gorrec. It is a result of many years of experience in successful robotic high-throughput crystallization and complements the original MRC crystallization plate.

Product Specifications

Easy Crystal Retrieval
Raised wide wells improve accessibility for crystal mounting.

Easy Viewing
The micro-numbering ensures you will never get lost again (visible by microscope).
The wells are a wide conical shape and have a lens effect for perfect illumination.

Available in 3 different polymers 

The MRC Maxi 48 Well Plate is available in polystyrene (PS), UVP and UVXPO.
The UVXPO polymer is an optically superior UV transmissible polymer that additionally shows uniform (zero) background when using cross polarised light

Better Sealing
Wide partition walls between the wells give plenty of area for good sealing with tape.
No central bending occurs in this very robust structure.
Excellent long term storage - no sample evaporation.

Wide range of volumes
Volumes validated for MRC Maxi are up to 10 μl of sample and 200 μl of the crystallization reagent.

Order Information

Item: MRC MAXI 48 Well Plate
Details: Box of 100