UVP Microchannel Chip

The SWISSCI AG – UVP Micro-channel Chip features a total of five passive flow-through mixers, which intermix the smallest liquid volumes within milliseconds.


The mixers are integrated on a microscope slide size chip and cover a wide range of potentially interesting flow rates or viscosities. The slide is made of a proprietary polymer mixture devised by Swissci AG to combine excellent good optical properties with biocompatibility. The UVP Micro-channel Chip also has good chemical resistance to most acids and bases and are hermetically sealed, clean room produced chips.


Product Specifications

  • Several channels on one chip
  • Made of transparent plastic — X-ray compatible
  • Simple channel geometry for first results · Slide format — SBS use in multiples of 4 units
  • Useful in both screening and optimization of crystallization experiments
  • Wide applications include chromatographic separation of biological molecules


Technical specifications
Maximum inlet pressure at 20° C  /  6000 hPa (87 psi)
Operating temperature  /  10° - 50° C
Media temperature  /  10° - 50° C
Storage temperature  /  10° - 50° C
Material  /  UVP
Sealing with simple laboratory wax, oil or crystal tape

Fluid connection
A set of connectors is available which allows the connection of standard tubes or typical laboratory tools such as pipettes or syringes to the fluid ports of the UVP Micro-channel Chip.

Order Information

Item: UVP Microchannel Chip 
Codes: MCCUVP1 
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Contact: sales@swissci.com