UVXPO Sealing Sheets

UVXPO Sealing Sheet Facts

  • DNase, RNase free
  • Encapsulated adhesive

Key Features

  • UV Compatible
  • High optical clarity
  • Low evaporation


SWISSCI’s UVXPO Sealing sheets are a 50 μm film with 50 μm inert encapsulated silicone adhesive. They are optically clear, with minimal to no auto-fluorescence (UV compatible), and are especially suited for protein crystallization and qPCR applications.
The encapsulated silicone adhesive is non-tacky until pressed against the sealing surface, at which time adhesive is released only in sealing areas to form the strongest available heat-resistant seal around each well on the plate.
UVXPO Sealing sheets are sized to fit within the edges of SWISCCI plates. Two end tabs assist in positioning the film on the plate, and the non-tacky adhesive surface simplifies handling.

Product Specifications

  • High optical clarity
  • Minimal to no auto-fluorescence (UV compatible)
  • Chemically inert; no extractables except at extreme pH
  • DMSO resistant for HTS
  • Heat resistant. Recommended for temperatures from -70 °C to + 105 °C
  • Certified DNase-, RNase-, and nucleic-acid-free
  • Silicone adhesive forms the strongest available seal for evaporation prevention
  • Non-tacky adhesive layer simplifies handling of the film prior to sealing

Order Information

Item: UVXPO Sealing Sheets
Details: Pack of 100
Contact: sales@swissci.com