XPOL LPC Lipidic Cubic Phase Kit

The new SWISSCI XPol LCP allows excellent crystal viewing for even the smallest of crystals, with uniform zero background when using cross polarised light. The SWISSCI XPol LCP was developed closely with the Protein Crystallisation Center of the University of Zurich. The center has many years of expertise in crystallizing membrane proteins. The XPol LCP kit has been specially formulated to improve performance versus standard LCP systems.


The Hydrophobic (silanized) Glass Base comes in ANSI/SLAS 1-2004-Standard (SBS) format allowing for easy automation and high throughput screening. The Double Sided Pressure Adhesive, available in 60μm and 120μm, comes readily stuck to the Glass Base with space for barcode application. The Double Sided Pressure Adhesive has 96 holes
that are 7mm in diameter and have a 2.3μ volume in the 60μm version and 4.6μl volume for 120μm. The large diameter almost eliminates the occurrence of precipitation solution being pulled to the side, which can often happen with smaller diameter holes.

The SWISSCI XPol LCP comes as standard with 175μm Cover Glass. For the addition of UV/Flu, UV Cover Films are also available upon request at 40μm, 100μm or 200μm thickness.

Performance Benefits

• Uniform, zero background when using cross polarised light
• Excellent crystal viewing for even the smallest crystals
• SBS format for automation
• Hydrophobic (silanized) Glass Base
• 175μm Cover Glass
• Glass on glass
• UV Cover Films for UV/Flu available upon request
• Easy sealing with Swissci special Pressure Adhesive
• 7mm diameter wells with 2.3μl / 4.6μl volume
• 60μm version suitable for LCP-FRAP application
• High throughput
• Ready to use
• JANSi UVEX compatible
• Formulatrix Rock Imager compatible


Order Information

Item: XPol LCP 60μm 7mm
Codes: LCP-XPOL-60.7XPol LCP 120μm 7mm - Pack 10 - Code: LCP-XPOL-120.7
Details: Pack of 10
Contact: sales@swissci.com