JANSi UVEX Imaging Systems

SWISSCI and JAN Scientific have partnered to bring the UVEX crystal imaging systems to the market. With over 100 installations around the world, the UVEX is rapidly becoming the crystallographer’s go-to tool for the rapid detection and intuitive classification of protein crystals.

Key Features:

• Cooled, high-efficiency 6 MP monochrome UV camera.
• LED light sources, low maintenance, and long-lasting.
• Detect Protein crystals with ease. Detect micro-crystals hidden in the precipitate.
• Powerful imaging of protein crystals in LCP.  
• An industry-leading resolution of 0.2 micron/pixel with optional objectives• UV excitation/emission optimized for Trp fluorescence.
• Intuitive software with image management.
• Z slicing to produce a composite, extended depth image.
• Automatic drop centering with manual override (available on the UVEXp + UVEXps models).
• Autofocus (available on the UVEXp + UVEXps models).
• Standalone UVEX-p can be retrofitted into our plate hotels with a huge cost saving (available on the UVEXp + UVEXps models).
• Various options available including; Colour bi-refringence, UV absorbance, additional objectives. 

UVEX Imaging Models


Includes: Tray table,  5X and 15X objectives, brightfield and UV imaging, Computer , monitor and all software
Options: Motorized Z, Manual X/Y stage, additional objectives, UV absorbance, cross-polarisers.
Dimensions: : 30 x 20 x50 cm  Weight: 12 kg
Power:  110-240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz 60 kWh

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Includes: Automated imaging crystallisation plates, extended depth imaging, Drop find, Autofocus, 5X, 10X (or15X) and 20X objectives, all software, computer and monitor,
Options: additional objectives, UV absorbance, colour cross-polarisers.
Dimensions: 30 x 35 x50 cm  Weight: 16 kg
Power: : 110-240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz 120kWh

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UVEXps 256 /600

Includes: UVEXp, Smooth low-vibration operation to move plates, Built-in sensors to monitor the status of a plate, Collision detection and recovery, Built-in barcode scanner, configurable storage shelves for standard and low, high-profile or LCP SBS plates, Shelf capacity can be changed in field (some restrictions apply), Built in IR cameras ,  Barcode printer with 4000 labels
Options: Temperature control 4 – 25 C (*available for UVEXps256) – Peltier temperature regulation (available for both hotel models).
Dimensions: UVEX256 : w90 x d72 x h212 cm UVEXps600: w90 x d95 x h212 cm
Weight: 350 and 450 kg
Power: 110-240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz 0.5 kWh

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