SWISSCI Glass Bottom Assay Plates

SWISSCI Glass Bottom (GB) plates are a new benchmark in micro-plate technology. The unique SWISSCI glass plate processing technique reduces autofluorescence to less than 5 percent of the level for unprocessed plates and generates a higher signal-to-noise ratio. SWISSCI glass-bottom plates are also available in 96, 384, and 1536 well formats.



Reliable performance
Overall microplate flatness (planarity) guarantees a lower error ratio across the focal plane.

Increased working volume
Square well is ideal for high-throughput operations and delivers maximum volume.

Low-base design
The low-base design ensures the readability of all wells, including outer wells.

Multiple Applications
Including: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS); Confocal imaging; Fluorescence Polarisation (FP); Cell-based assays; Cell culture.

Low auto-fluorescence
Special, high-quality glass provides a lower fluorescent background and higher signal-to-noise ratio essential in all fluorescence applications.

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