SWISSCI Plates: Improvements in Imaging with UVXPO

UVXPO: Our Most Advanced Polymer

SWISSCI crystallisation plates are available in 3 polymers.  Polystyrene (PS) is a cost-effective polymer that Is optically clear when using standard bright field or visible light sources. However, when imaging drops using both cross polarised (XP) and UV light, the quality of the image is impaired by the interaction of the polymer with the light source.

SWISSCI’s UVP polymer has been designed to reduce the auto-fluorescence coming from the plate, improving the UV image quality. 

SWISSCI’s UVXPO polymer also has the same low auto-fluorescence while also showing uniform zero background when imaging using cross-polarised light. This makes it our most advanced polymer to date.

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SWISSCI 3-Lens Midi UVXPO Plate

SWISSCI 3-Lens Midi UVXPO Plate

After great success with the launch of the 2-Lens UVXPO Plate, SWISSCI are pleased to announce our 3-Lens Midi Plates are now also available in UVXPO, Product


UVXPO is a new polymer mixture specially formulated so that crystals can be viewed in UV, Polar, and Visible light. UVXPO is short for UV compatible as well as excelling uniform (zero) background when using cross polarised light.

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SWISSCI 3-Lens Low Profile Crystallisation Plate

3-Lens Low Profile Crystallization Plate

SWISSCI is pleased to announce you can order 3-Lens Low Profile Plates directly from the manufacturers. The Low profile version has the same optical properties and uses the same volumes as the midi plate while saving on storage space.

Available in 3 different polymers. Polystyrene (PS), UVP and UVXPO, the UVXPO polymer is an optically superior UV transmissible polymer that additionally shows Uniform (Zero) background when using cross-polarised light.


Box of 100 plates

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